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Kids' portraits: Has this happened to you?

A mother and child walk into a store. The mother looks to her right and sees only one other customer, a woman with two children, seated in plastic chairs. She notes that the mom is tapping her foot anxiously as if she’s been waiting and the children look starved; a “no food or drink” sign is affixed directly above them.

To her left is a glass enclosed space with menacing black equipment hanging from the ceiling and walls. She wonders, has it ever fallen? A blue and grey blanket hangs at the back, in desperate need of a run through the washing machine. A plastic car sits in the corner and she wonders, when was the last time it was disinfected?

The mother walks up to the counter on which stands a cash register, some coupons, a few magnets and behind which stands a teenager, texting on her phone. Clearly oblivious to her guest, she has a name badge which reads: “My Name is Sally and I say Cheese!” The mother makes her presence known with an “Excuse me?”

Sally, distractedly, adds the mother’s name to the waiting list, despite the mother insisting she has an appointment. An hour later, while her child whimpers in her arms, the mother and Sally sit down to review the products. The mother, stressed, frustrated and now tired, makes her selections simply so she can leave and not have wasted a trip. Sally, on the other hand, happily rings up the sale never expecting to see the mother again.

The above is an experience many mothers and countless children have put themselves through in the name of having their pictures taken. In most cases, mom makes the portrait studio choice. She may have received a coupon for an unbelievable deal. Perhaps it was the closest place to home. Maybe her splurge on a custom photographer, while amazing, with images beyond comparison, cost “a fortune” and she couldn’t convince her husband that it was worthwhile a second time; or she has to save up again, but cannot bear to miss the smaller moments in the life of her child. That’s when the mother finds Kidzpiks and the mother’s story changes considerably.

The mother and child walk into Kidzpiks and the mother is greeted with a smile and by name, Sarah. She hears soft, soothing music playing through the overhead speakers and sees comfortable couches; it’s a home-like atmosphere, comforting her child immediately. Her photographer invites her to join her in the studio where Sarah is invited to describe and envision the setting she’d like to use. Sarah’s child says she’s hungry and her photographer provides a small snack bag to soothe the need.

The photographer sets up lights that do not flash around the set that Sarah has helped choose. Choosing was simple; a color, a seat and Dolly, the old rag doll that her child currently cannot go anywhere without. Dolly will be having her pictures taken first. Fifteen minutes later, Sarah and her child depart and as Sarah walks out, her child turns and smiles at her photographer.

A week later, Sarah returns. Foiled by a babysitter’s illness, her child attends the image review session. The photographer suggests her child might like to read, color or play with stickers and sets up the materials at a table, just within Sarah’s reach. Sarah, on the other hand, is riveted to the huge screen in front of her, watching and tearing up as her images slowly pass by her. As Sarah makes her choices, she’s inspired by the images created, amazed by the options, comforted by the prices and basking in the stress-free experience. She thinks, “Wow. That was awesome. Custom photography and my husband won’t even flinch at what I spent.”

Sarah is a Kidzpiks customer.

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