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Parents' Club e-Newsletter A Resource for Triangle Area Parents
Vol IV Issue 10

Dear Triangle Families,

The holidays are lining up quickly with Trick-or- Treating here. Visit the TKD Calendars to find indoor & outdoor activities & resources. See Quick Links for the TKD Calendar Links.

The holidays season has started. Need a special way to show the magic of Santa? Make sure to check the end of the newsletter for a Letter from Santa.

Please pass this along to friends as a resource. At the bottom of the newsletter is a link to join the mailing list. There is also a link to forward this to friends. Make sure to check out the coupon at the bottom of the page.

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in this issue - (each item in the list is clickable)
  • Want to brighten a local child's holiday?
  • FIREPROOF - The Movie - still showing & growing
  • Would you like a personal chef? It's affordable!
  • Disney on Ice - Coming soon
  • Plan a Monster Bash
  • Eat Breakfast and Lose Weight
  • Parenting Quote of the Day
  • Easy Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season
  • Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Driving Season

  • FIREPROOF - The Movie - still showing & growing
    CLICK HERE to help fireproof your marriage ...

    "Fireproof" stands out first because it shows the limits of human love. Second, the love story is between a husband and wife, showing what can go wrong in marriage and what can go very right. Third it's about not what a lover gets but learns to give. And finally, this love story spins off a "Love Dare" book applicable to married couples everywhere.

    So click the graphics to view the trailers, find a theater, and take in the movie as a family.

    Would you like a personal chef? It's affordable!
    CLICK HERE for more ...

    The work day is done and then ... what's for dinner? Your kids have got the fast food menus memorized. How about a home-cooked dinner fast? You have to check out Classy Dinners to Go. They've done all the shopping, chopping, slicing, dicing, and cleanup, so you can come home a hero to your family! They make the meals the way you like them, leave out ingredients, make substitutions for vegetarians, just let they know. They are your personal chefs!

    Save money too! Classy Dinners to Go is the best value in Cary for ready to cook meals. Avoid the inconvenience and expense of those last minute trips to the grocery for just an ingredient or two. They've got it all, and they pass the savings on to you.

    Need more convenience? Assembled meals can delivered right to your door. Gift certificates are available to share delicious meals with the special person who needs a little help. From baby showers to get well wishes, good food is a great gift!

    Disney on Ice - Coming soon
    CLICK HERE for more information ...

    Come experience a magical Disney Fantasy on Ice! Rev up for non-stop fun with four of your favorite Disney stories -- CARS, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinker Bell. From wheels to waves, Pride Lands to pixie dust, your family's favorite Disney moments come to life at Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy with dazzling skating, special effects and beloved characters certain to create a lifetime of memories.

    Come an hour early to experience the Disney Princess Pre-Show: an enchanting display of Disney Princess gowns and mementos! Complimentary to ticket holders.

    Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy will be at the RBC Center on December 10 - 14.

    Plan a Monster Bash
    CLICK HERE for more!

    (ARA) - You're invited to a "Monster Bash." What's more fun than Halloween? Young or old, everyone seems to get into the spirit. Why not gather a group together this Halloween and have some spooky fun along with a frightening feast?

    When planning a Halloween party, it is best to consider the ages of all goblins that will be attending. Adults and children may both love the fun of Halloween, but the fright factor will be different. Once you have established your guest list, you can start to plan "tricks or treats."

    Eat Breakfast and Lose Weight
    CLICK HERE for more ...

    (ARA) - Whether you're skipping breakfast to save on calories or running out the door in a rush with only a cup of coffee in hand, you're not doing yourself or your health any favors. Numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast can help people lose weight while promoting heart health, cognitive performance and increased energy.

    According to a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, women who ate breakfast regularly tended to eat fewer calories overall during the day. A healthy breakfast fuels the body and replenishes blood sugar levels to rev up metabolism for maximum calorie burn from morning until night.

    Parenting Quote of the Day
    CLICK HERE for more ...

    Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children.

    Bill Cosby
    Actor, Comedian, Ed. D., Father

    Easy Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season
    CLICK HERE for more ...

    (ARA) - Your life is busy any time of the year, but with the holidays comes a longer to-do list and more stress. So, how can you embody the giving spirit of the season in an efficient way without breaking the bank (or your back)?

    There are easy ways to give back during the holiday season if you just get a little creative and make a resolution to share.

    Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Driving Season

    (ARA) - With much of the country enjoying unseasonably warm weather, it might be easy to forget that winter -- and the weather challenges that come with the season -- will be here before we know it. Before the weather gets nasty, now is a good time to make sure that your vehicle is ready for Mother Nature's worst outbursts.

    "We all prepare for winter to some degree," says Jim Sinclair, vice president of service for Subaru of America, Inc. "And even if your vehicle enjoys the superior traction and inherent safety of all-wheel drive, you'll still need to give your vehicle a thorough 'winterizing' treatment."

    Get a letter from Santa for your kidlet!
    Get Santa to write a letter to or call your kidlet ...
    If Santa visits your house during Christmas, there are ways to make his visit all the more special for your kidlets. Personalized letters from Santa to your kidlet will be remembered for years. It's a special time for the young ones, make it all the more with "evidence" of St. Nick being there.

    Order yours early to ensure delivery before Christmas ...

    Want to brighten a local child's holiday?

    Would you like an easy & fun way to donate to Toys for Tots?

    Would you like to multiply your Toys for Tots dollars?

    Literacy for a Lifetime is joining forces with the Marines and Usborne Books to do so.

    By purchasing Usborne Books you have an opportunity to help area children this holiday season. Usborne has great books for infants through high- schoolers. A great gift are the Usborne Kid Kits. Kid Kits match a book with toys & crafts in one package to help the child bring reading into their fun.

here for more information on Toys for Tots 
Raleigh ...

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